Need a flat? We got it!

You wanna live in the center of Pécs? Or close to the university? You need a big place? Or a smaller one? We got flats in different price ranges, you will find the right home with us for sure!

About us

We have been serving flats to students since 2004. More and more students arrive each year to stay here and study at POTE (the Medical University of Pécs) or at any of the other faculties of our university. Our service helps the foreigners get comfortable, primarily in finding the right flat or apartment to rent.

Our aim is to break down the language related barriers, we want to make you feel at home abroad!




*Simran Sandhu*

StudentService made it much easier for me to find a nice apartment. In-fact, they were able to cater to specific requests that I had made due to the nature of my activities. Also, Daniel negotiated with the landlord on my behalf, and was able to make things much more convenient for me. I have tried other agencies around town, and they couldn't match the quality of service.

*Daniel Jeong*

They are nice and great their work is perfect. Because of their work, I got the best house in Pécs. It was the most convenient work ever in Pécs. You also can get exactly what you want if you with them.

*Hesam Alizadeh*

The reasons that I preferred to take a flat via DANIEL and MISI in compare to other agencies are:

1. They take students (tenant) from university to show flats.
2. They are able to translate negotiation between owner and students.
3. They arrange everything for new students that they don't know
   nowhere in this city.

Thanks for your help

*Anna Molle*

Ich kam erst ein paar Tage vor Studienbeginn nach Pécs und Daniel hat mir sehr geholfen so kurzfristig noch eine gute Wohnung zu finden. Da meine Vermieterin nur ungarisch spricht, war ich sehr froh, dass Daniel dabei war als wir den Mietvertrag unterschrieben haben und mir erklaren konnte worum es geht. Auch spaeter konnte ich ihn immer anrufen und um Hilfe bitten, wenn ich ein Problem mit der Wohnung hatte oder meiner Vermieterin etwas Wichtiges mitteilen wollte, denn es dauert etwas bis man sich in die ungarische Sprache eingefunden hat ??

I came just a few days before school started to Pécs and Daniel was very helpful and found a good flat for me in one day although I was so late. He was also there when we signed the contract and I was very happy about it, because my landlady speaks just Hungarian, so Daniel could explain things to me. And also afterwards I could always ask him for help when I had any problem with my flat or when I had anything to discuss with my landlady, because it takes some time to get into the Hungarian language? ?

*Caroline Törrisen*

"I'm very satisfied with the work StudentService have done and is doing involving my apartment. For me who has a Hungarian landlord, it is very important that the StudentService is available when I need to speak to my landlord. And they meet my requirements"

# Interpreting, translating

We help you fight the language related barriers. Since you are not going to speak Hungarian for a while, and many people do not speak English here, the need might rise to get help from someone who knows both languages. No matter what the topic is, we can help in interpreting. Do not look any further if you need a translation of any written text either, we are here to do it for you.

# Finding accommodation

As an old habit at the medical university, many apartment rent offers reach the English and German programmes. This provides the core of our database, and we get addresses of flats/houses for rent and for sale from other sources as well. We also help finding short-term accommodation in hotels and hostels. If you call us, and tell us what you need, we select the places that match your criteria, and we organize a meeting with the owners at the places you have chosen. We help to make arrangements with the owners, to negotiate, and to sign a safe contract.