Need a flat? We got it!

You wanna live in the center of Pécs? Or close to the university? You need a big place? Or a smaller one? We got flats in different price ranges, you will find the right home with us for sure!


Before you rent a flat in Pécs, check out the following list!



  • Pécs is a small city, almost everything can be reached within 15 minutes by bike. The university area will be only one of the districts you will regularly use. So don’t be desperate if the apartment you are looking for is not right next to the school or in the center.


  • Be sure about your price limit. (As in Hungary the prices are usually marked in HUF, always convert the rental fee and the utility cost into a currency that makes sense to you. That is how you can be sure you can afford the flat that you are interested in.)


  •  The deposit is usually two months rental fee (without the utility cost), that should be paid to the landlord when you sign the rental contract (or transferred in advance when you would like to take an apartment by looking at the pictures). That money ensures the landlord that you will definitely take the flat, so he can stop advertising and showing it to other tenants. The deposit is also a guarantee if any damage (caused by the tenant) needs to be fixed in the apartment.  If you take care of the flat, you will get back the whole deposit by the end of the contract.


  • The newest is not automatically the best.


  • Feeling yourself cozy in the apartment you are willing to rent for a year is very important. You will spend quite much time there.


  • Take care of the flat. If any damages happen always let your landlord know about it first, he will know what to do.


  • Be friendly with the neighbors. Respect their living space (don’t party at home), and they will do the same with yours.


  • Trust your landlord. If you have any problem, try to discuss it with him. If it is not possible (because he doesn’t speak English at all), ask for help from the company that helped you in finding your flat.


  • Pay the rental fee and the utility costs of your flat on time, as your landlord has to pay the bills on time as well.


  • If you move in an apartment with other people, make sure your personalities match each other’s.